Snuppets™....the only SNACK PUPPET!

I am a designer and mother of three. When my oldest went off to a full day of school and I started packing lunches, I knew that reusable bags were the only way to go for our family. Not only do I believe in minimizing waste but I knew this was the perfect opportunity to instill that habit for my children. I was buying and making just your standard fabric sandwich bag and was frustrated because they were often getting left behind in the lunchroom (which really defeats the purpose).
On a walk with my son in his stroller, I noticed he was fiddling with his empty snack bag for amusement. It struck me that if I created a snack bag that kids could play with after they would become attached and likely not leave them behind in the lunchroom!
SNUPPETS™ were born! I thought of the name and felt that it was too perfect for the product that I had to pursue trademarking!
Snuppets™ are toxin-free, reusable, made in the U.S.A. and loved by families!

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